We were the first in Canada to use this rope, spliced the way I have, for pet products. Several have tried to copy but none have matched our quality!

Rope collars are like a softer slip collar. They are sized to the individual dog so please measure around the widest part of your dog’s head for an accurate measurement. (Click for larger images)

Size (in inches) Price
10-12 $10
12-14 $10
14-16 $12
16-18 $12
18-20 $14
20-22 $14
22-24 $16
24-26 $16

Rope leashes are soft and wear in nicely over time. They will not burn your hands if your dog pulls unlike other rope products.

Leash Type Price
Tab $10
2ft $12
4ft $16
6ft $18
4ft slip $16
6ft slip $18
4ft with traffic handle $16
6ft with traffic handle $18